Lookace Bamber  (Francois Goalec, b.1945, France) notebook

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“They say this city never sleeps and baby I can’t get a wink unless you’re lying next to me.”


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Dunno how u even came across my blog but u did and I'm obsessed with urs, the accuracy is on point


thank you thank you :) your “are you sad” page is perfect

Some days I feel like I’ve lost myself. Too many drinks, too many pills, too many lies to the people who love me. Some days I feel like I’ve found myself. Being with her, writing my songs, killing my bad habits.

I know I’ll never love who I see in the mirror every time I look, but I want to accept that person. I am my strengths as much as I am my weaknesses. I am loving and caring. I am distant and unfaithful. I am an artist and an addict.

Some days I will hate myself so much that the bottom of the bottle will look like a warm embrace and some days I will love myself so much that I can tell her I’m ok without lying. A good life is not measured by the balance of your good and bad days; a good life is measured by the number of days you kept on living.

So for now, that’s what I’m gonna do.