I’m so scared that you won’t love me anymore if I tell you everything I have to say..

“I saw a bird cry, it was pathetic. If you can fly, spread your feathers like a message.”
— Atmosphere

Every human is a work in progress. The day you are complete is the day you die. And that’s not to be dramatic, but think of the ways the we measure life: in change and in growth. We all have new parts of ourselves to discover, good or bad. Sometimes it’s scary to truly learn yourself and let yourself grow as your experiences change, but that’s living in its most basic sense. So let’s make a promise to live every day and maybe we’ll find something better than what we’ve known.

I always get so fucking depressed as soon as fall comes around. It’s my favorite fucking season but I always end up spending the first few weeks of it damn near incapacitated. I mean shit I’m drinking tequila alone in my room right now and I hate tequila. Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ll have my head on straight soon enough. Much love to everyone.